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Sfelab is a team of engineers and designers specialized in multimedia communication and interactive installations. The study is involved in research and communication with expertise in different disciplines: interactive art, web, photography, video, graphic, illustration. Sfelab was conceived and founded in the summer of 2011 by Marco Brienza, Giorgio Pagani and Tommaso Nava. In 2012 Pietro Porro joined the group. In 2014 Gabriele Casati joined the group.

Sfelab projects are developed taking consciousness and strength by the presence of different skills. This heterogeneity allows the group to make multidisciplinary projects taking care of aesthetic and practical aspects. The research in new technologies meets the communication aiming to an active participation of the user.

The power of Sfelab lies in the peculiarities of each individual in favor of the community: the high quality of the final product is the result of the cooperation within the group. Sfelab researches a direct and active involvement of the spectator who becomes integral part of the work. Sfelab’s aim is to provide innovative solutions to cultural or scientific projects which open a window onto tomorrow’s world.


Marco Brienza sfelab creative director
Marco Brienza
Creative Director
Giorgio Pagani technical director
Giorgio Pagani
Technical Director
Tommaso Nava
Art Director
Pietro Porro sfelab video director
Pietro Porro
Film Director
Gabriele Casati sfelab it director
Gabriele Casati
IT Director


Simone Giovanni Colombo sfelab videomaker photographer
Simone Giovanni Colombo
Videomaker, Photographer
Lorenzo Sanvito sviluppatore
Lorenzo Sanvito
Andrea Spinelli animatore
Andrea Spinelli
3D Generalist, Animator
Gianni Cantaluppi artigiano
Gianni Cantaluppi
Rachele Moscatelli artist
Rachele Moscatelli
Artist, llustrator
Vincenzo Todaro architetto
Vincenzo Todaro
Alessandro Consonni 3d visualizer
Alessandro Consonni
3D Virtual Photographer